The Story of the I’m Up App

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Independence, security and peace of mind have never been easier to achieve for someone living alone. Using the simple check in app on your phone, your loved ones are notified that you’re up and you’re doing just fine.

This episode of Fading Memories tells the story behind the creation of the app.

In 2012, David’s wife, Paula moved out of their home to a memory care facility. His children lived in different parts of the country and he had never felt more alone in his life.

After a long nine year battle with Alzheimer’s, Paula passed in 2016. This was when the seed for the idea behind I’m Up was planted.

Having worked in the life insurance business for most of his lifetime, David was aware of the various pitfalls of aging. But Paula’s passing was what truly got him thinking about the various aspects of living alone as you age.

His Border Collies were his closest companions and couldn’t help but wonder who would care for them should he not wake up one day. Worse still, what if it was days or weeks before his kids found out?

There had to be a simpler way. Tune in to hear the full story. The conversation was great, when the internet connection worked right!

See I’m Up in action!

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