A woman living with dementia

Janice is living with dementia and talks to me about what that’s like.

Understanding what living with dementia is like is beneficial for all of us.  In this part 2 episode with Janice Swink, we continue our conversation about her life and struggles.  Janice is living with frontal temporal dementia. At the time of our conversation it was thought that she may also have Lewy Body syndrome. Her recent MRI has proven that not to be the case.

Having only one dementia is still a challenge however. Janice has scent and visual hallucinations along with good days and bad. Posting on her Facebook and Twitter Janice helps us understand what good days and bad look like.

Using her situation to teach people what it’s like to live with dementia is Janice’s purpose now. Using herself as a teaching tool allows her to help fight the stigma attached to a brain disease we cannot see. Janice has dealt with a lot of subtle bullying but is determined to do her part to change the world.

Recently Janice posted “LIVING WITH DEMENTIA: Have had trouble the last two mornings trying to figure out how to put my coat on and neck scarf. Hopefully this is not a new normal for me. Hugs to all!” This is inspiring because too many people with Alzheimer’s or dementia go into denial. They don’t talk about what’s going on with them, depriving friends and family a much needed understanding.

To sum up our conversation I would say that Janice is doing a great job helping the world understand living with dementia. Listening to this episode will greatly improve your understanding of the dying mind and help reduce frustrations.

Living With Dementia Part 1